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Dotson Technology®

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Everyday Specials:


Clean Sweep/Performance Boost:



Format and Restore:



Lost Data Recovery:

$40 per Hard Drive


Remote Support:(we connect via internet)

Approx. $40/hr


On-Site Service:(we come to you)

Approx. $40/hr


Burn Personal files to CD/DVD:

$1 per CD $5 per DVD


Web Design:

Approx. $100/hr


Other Services:

Repair, Software, Building, Service,

Upgrading, Parts, Laptops, Networking, Customization,

Custom Building, Web Design, and more.




We provide a standard 30 day warranty free with the option to upgrade.


Most Products and Services can be warranted for up to 730 days.


*Terms and Conditions Apply ask for details.


Hours of Operation

Mon. - Thurs.  10am - 5pm (EST)

Fri. - Sat.  12pm - 6pm (EST)

Sun.   Appointment Only

Or Call Us 24/7 for Remote Support (810) 309 - 8040



FREE Rewards

Refer 5 friends and get a FREE $15 Credit for Services

Fast & Easy Help

FREE Diagnosis & Estimates for your PC or Laptop

Environmentally Friendly

FREE Recycling: we'll get rid of your old PC's & Laptops

Social Media Discounts

Connect/Follow/Like us and Get up to 15% off services



News & Updates

January 15, 2015

Verified and Sercured Domain www.Dotson.cc

December 19, 2014

Upgraded Server and Website

August 2, 2005

IBM alphaWorks Membership Approved

August 1, 2005

Microsoft OEM System Builder Approved

July 27, 2005

Microsoft Partner Program Approved

April 27, 2005

Intel Product Dealer/Reseller Approved

April 27, 2005

Intel Channel Membership